Mpc Can Generate 1000's of Optimized Pages without Tedious Spreadsheets and without Wordpress!

Mpc is designed for use directly in your website. On average you can build 30,000 Html pages in less than 3 minutes. No FTP of files required. Pages are instantly live.

Other programs expect you to deal with complicated spreadsheets and hundreds of variables. And after all that work, pages are built with unpredictable Urls. Each run is different.

All that madness ends with Mass Page Creator:
  • No Spreadsheets. Not even one.
  • Only Nine Variables. Yes, that's all you should ever need. Variables are set by Mpc formulas, not spreadsheet entries.
  • Projects build predictable Urls. You can create 1000's of pages and rerun the Project to update all the pages. You can even UnBuild the Project to remove all the pages in seconds.
  • Mpc can "grab" one of your WP pages and use it for mass producing tens of thousands of Html pages. These pages will be themed exactly like your core WP site. No more bloated WP databases.

Mass Page Creator includes the following features....

  • Free Updates for life.
  • Auto Page Interlinking.
  • Xml and Html Sitemaps.
  • Unlimited Spintax nesting.
  • API access to SpinReWriter.
  • Build Perfect Silo structures.
  • Mass produce any webpage.
  • Allows multiple Source Files.
  • API access to Article Builder.
  • No Footprint for Google to find.
  • Search Engine Friendly Urls.
  • Dynamic Includes. Modify pages without rebuilding.
  • Google Map and Weather widgets based on Vars.
  • Easily install to and remove from client servers.
  • Dynamic YouTube videos based on Vars.

What are other people saying? Does Mpc really work?

I have used 5 mass page creation tools in the past including my own coded for me. My average site being 200,000+ pages. So when I say that Mass Page Creator (MPC) beats them all hands down I know what I am talking about.

The last mass page creation tool I used was for Wordpress only. Like most tools out there I needed to have massive amounts of data to be able to build a site. For instance, if I had 100 keywords that I was targeting, I would need to have 100 cities, and 100 states. This created a problem as I would be in Excel all day long creating lists to be merged by the program that I was using to make sites.

MPC changed all that work. With MPC all you need is your list of keywords, a list of your cities, and either the state abbreviation(s) or states that you want to target. That is it; no spending hours in Excel.
  Steve Sohn

MPC is a "must have" tool for every internet marketer. Larry Sherman is a genius and market leader when it comes to creating a complete stand-alone mass page creator software program. Users can build pages on most "standard" host servers to start and upgrade as they grow.

MPC's capability is limited only to one's imagination. Thanks Larry!
  Tom Kahler

MPC is the easiest tool for building a massive number of quickly ranking landing pages for your local business or lead generation website.
  Carl Riedel