Topic: Create Wordpress Articles the easy way

Use Wordpress as a simple and effective tool for creating Mpc article templates. Here's how:

  1. Login to your Wordpress Dashboard, select Add New (or Edit) Page or Post.

  2. Use the Wordpress editor to preview the page or post.

  3. Set Wordpress editor to 'Visual' mode (not 'HTML').

  4. Click anywhere in the text of the Wordpress editor.

  5. Copy the text into Windows clipboard by pressing Ctrl-A then Ctrl-C.

  6. In the Mpc Control Panel, click 'Edit New File', then 'New Blank TEXT Article'.

  7. Click the 'Source' button (it will turn blue) to put Editor in Source mode.

  8. Press Ctrl-V to paste the text into Mpc's Online Editor.

  9. Click 'WP Instruction' and insert a (required) Title into your article and optionally add Wordpress Instructions.

At this point you'll have a functioning article source file. Use Mpc to change words and phrases into Vars and insert Spintax if desired.


Re: Create Wordpress Articles the easy way

In step 1 you want text or copy in the post or page, right?

It says to "select Add New" but it does not specifically say to paste in an article or text of some kind.

Step one also makes reference to editing a pages.

My assumption is that prior to moving on to step 2, we need an article or some text in the post or page. Not a blank page or post.

I'm fairly sure about this based on the fact that none of the successive steps work without some content on the post or page.

Please let me know.

Also, this would make a create video.  smile


Re: Create Wordpress Articles the easy way

This "easy way" post presumes you already know how to make pages in your Wordpress installation. As such, step 1 is where you work with one of your pages (newly created or already created) in your WP editor and then place it into the Mpc editor.

This is the "easy way" to start making a page you want to mass produce in Mpc. Especially easy since you can use WP and it's page editor to make the page look the way you want with your current WP theme.