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Topic: What backlinks?

Hello, just got my first site indexed with multiple keywords on page 1! smile

Some keywords though look like they need a little 'push'

And even the keywords that made page 1 are annoyingly always under sites like homestars.com and canpages.ca

I have 288 urls. What would be the quickest and cheapest way to build links so that the rank improves?

As this is mass optimization, I am looking for something quick and efficient smile


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Re: What backlinks?

Hi Estebillan, Quick and efficient... Maybe OneHourBacklinks is what you're looking for. Be advised though ONLY select PR1+ Comments. As an ex-MOWG promoter (mowgtemplates.com) I have used this with great success. Make sure you don't overdo it.

I only use this once or twice per website (when the pages are new...) It costs $5.00 for 25 PR1+ blog comments and this can usually take you over "the hump". For stronger competition, you may need REAL backlinks. We are working on an in-house solution for just this type of situation. I hope this helps.  smile


Re: What backlinks?

So each URL that needs a push needs about 25 PR1+ blog comments? Or just once for domain?

Sorry to be a pain, but could you just clarify how exactly you would use OneHourBacklinks?

Plus.. That's great news about the inhouse solution.. I'm very excited about that! smile