Substantial Upgrade to Mpc. Version 302 Released!

Topic: Substantial Upgrade to Mpc. Version 302 Released!

Here are some highlights of what's new in Mpc 302.

Silo Interlinking and Sitemaps
Path listbox entries ending with a slash '/' are still treated as folders, but now entries ending with double slash '//' become "special" folders known as Silos.  Silo folders along with the new Sitemap feature, allow you to create more powerful SEO sites with the same user-friendly Mpc interface you've come to know. More info.

Next, Previous, and Special Vars
No more need to fill Var listboxes with long rotated lists of cities or states to access next or previous locations. In Source Files, just add a '+' or '-' to any Var and it will resolve to next or previous value. For example:

#+state:t#  or #-state:t#

A new special Var that always resolves to "current url". By including a '+' or '-', you can easily link to next and previous page urls.  Another special Var that always resolves to the path and filename of the root sitemap (when generating sitemaps). More info.

Unbuild and Staging
If you create thousands of pages and decide you need to remove them, don't panic. You can now run Build in 'UnBuild' mode. Pages and Sitemap files are removed in seconds.

If building pages on your own server, but the pages are destined for a remote server, build them in the Staging Area. Then you can zip and transfer them to the remote site.  Using the Staging Area makes zipping the files easy since you won't need to worry about your webroot files being involved. 

SpeedBoost Enhanced
More of the 3-pass Build process has been passed to SpeedBoost. If you run Mpc in a Linux webhost account, you should see performance increased by a factor of 10. In many cases 20,000 pages with sitemaps can be built in less than 1 minute.

Clarified License Names
"Professional" has been renamed to "Personal". No functionality change, just a name change.

Note: Due to Permalinks and other structural issues, Silo and Sitemap features are not yet available for Wordpress publishing.