Mpc Advanced has been released

Topic: Mpc Advanced has been released

It has taken 5 months, but Mpc Advanced has finally arrived. The advanced mode makes use of newer PHP versions and extensions. And since it can assume your server is configured to allow external program execution, a lot of resource intensive PHP routines have been coded in C++.

The result is a faster and more server friendly Mass Page Creator.

The current (version 3xx series) Mpc will still be supported, but only as a Legacy product. I will continue to clear any bugs, but new features will go into Mpc Advanced.

More details can be found here.

If you don't have Mpc yet, you can test your servers capability to see if it's Mpc Advanced ready.

As usual, updates are free for life. If your server is capable of running Mpc Advanced, your Mpc will auto-update.