Topic: How to create an Mpc Html Source file from a web page

If you find a web page you would like to mass produce with Mpc, the following steps will guide you through the process. This works especially well if you want to have your html pages "look" like pages in one of your Wordpress sites.

1. Click 'Edit New' and type in the Url of the desired page. Click 'New HTML Page'. The Mpc Editor will open with the page ready to edit. Alternatively, you could click 'Grab New' to place the page in your Mpc folder and then 'Edit Source' to open it in the Editor.

2. In the Editor, click 'Source' to set Source mode editing.

3. Right-click anywhere in the source and select 'NOspin Entire Page'. This will tell Mpc to leave curly braces alone. This will disable spintax, but you can simply put 'DOspin' markers around your spintax.

4. If you loaded a page from a Wordpress site and Mpc is installed in the same site, your Source file is pretty much ready for Var replacing and Spintax'ed content. So, 'Save Page' into your mpc folder area (in a subfolder).

5. If you loaded the page from a site other than where Mpc is installed, you'll need to deal with some paths. Relative paths will be broken paths since you can't relatively address things on a different site.

For example, if the page points to a stylesheet like this: href="css/style.css", browsers will be looking in "current folder" for something that doesn't exist in your domain. You'll need to point absolutely href="http://other_domain/css/style.css" (if the other domain belongs to you).

If you don't own the other domain, you can copy the style.css file into your domain and point to it like this: href="/mpc/subfolder/css/style.css". The "subfolder" is a folder you named for saving files to for this project. This keeps you from overwriting files for other projects. After modifying the page, 'Save Page' into mpc/subfolder/index.html (for example).

6. If the page you grabbed doesn't belong to you, be sure to look through the page code and remove Google Analytic and Statcounter coding etc that doesn't belong to you.

There's a '404' button in the Editor that will help you find relative pathing issues for links, images, js etc.