New Update: Writes pages to Amazons S3 Cloud

Topic: New Update: Writes pages to Amazons S3 Cloud

I posted a new version (525) of Mpc.

This update gives Mpc the ability to write pages to Amazons S3 cloud storage. In order to use this new feature, your server must run PHP 5.5 or newer. The upper-left of the Mpc screen now displays your PHP version. For example, 'Linux x86_64 5.5'. The "5.5" is your PHP version. If it's 5.4 or 5.3, PHP needs an update. A lot of hosting accounts give you access to set your PHP version. If you don't have control over this, contact their Support. Older PHP is at "end of life" and should be updated anyway.

Sending your pages to S3 is easy. In the build dialog, instead of writing pages 'Live' or to 'Tar', click 'Cloud'. Enter your S3 Api keys, set your S3 region, and click 'Build Pages'.

Amazon needs to know which 'bucket' to use. Just put the name of your bucket in the first path of your project and Mpc will take it from there.

After building to S3, click 'View HTML Page Report' to see your page Urls are at

As usual, per my promise, this update is FREE. Logout/login to auto update.