New Feature: Virtual Pages

Topic: New Feature: Virtual Pages

The VPAGE update has arrived!

Many of you may have noticed Mpc has been implementing Virutal Pages for almost a year. When you click on a Blueprint line, a page that doesn't exist is built on-the-fly and displayed in your browser. Vars replaced, dynamic includes filled in, and Spintax processed when you release your mouse button.

This process is now implemented for ANY access to your "pages". Build your project as VPAGEs and your pages are NOT built, NOT stored, but will be temporarily built when needed.

The result is dramatically faster Project builds and less usage of disk space. Depending on the layout your Project, VPAGEs can save over 90% of the disk space that Real pages would require.

All Mpc widgets and shortcodes work with VPAGEs.. even Redirect. Bot crawling and indexing works with VPAGEs. Google has no idea these pages are only there when accessed. And Google wouldn't care anyway.

Since Spintax is processed each time a VPAGE is accessed, I seized the opportunity to add Autospin control. You can tell Mpc when to process Spintax differently on a schedule. It's an optional feature. If you leave Autospin Off, each vpage will be randomly spun ONCE. Just like Real pages currently are.

To use VPAGES, you only need to click the 'Vpage' selector in the Build dialog before building your project.

Logout and login to receive version 531. As usual, this is a free update.