Can't import nested directories in Wordpress

Topic: Can't import nested directories in Wordpress

Love the software – my boss just purchased it and I’ve been working with it for two days. 

I have a pretty good understanding of how it works, but I am stuck on the directory structure for WordPress.  I created a top level page called ‘States’ and then I imported my states file and on import I set the path to ‘states/’ and it placed the individual state pages beneath the states parent page.

For my Cities file, I set [WordpressParent #state#] before I imported it, but it keeps throwing the city pages at the root level; when I need them at 'states/state/city' level.  I’ve even tried to leave off WordPress parent in the txt file and manually try and give it a path, but it keeps placing these pages at the root.

Is there a way to created nested directories in WordPress and if so, can someone please share the trick?  I appreciate your time; thank you.

Re: Can't import nested directories in Wordpress

Re: Can't import nested directories in Wordpress

Sorry for the super late response. Didn't get a notification of this post.

You'll have control of the directory structure you want when using Mpc for HTML. Then you'll have 100% control of EVERYTHING. No Slugs, no Permalinks to get in your way. In fact, you'll even be able to have FOUR levels of Silos.

You can keep your WP pages for the front end, but mass produce Html for your geo-target pages. Please read this post for more info.