New Mpc Installer Scriipt

Topic: New Mpc Installer Scriipt

As many of you know, I'm working on a 'Getting Started with Mpc' video. An important goal for this video is showing Wordpress users how much easier mass page building is with Mpc and Html.

When I imagined explaining Mpc to new users (especially Wordpress users), I realized there were some things that could be streamlined.

For example, the installation of Mpc with the 'create-download-upload-credentials' was not going to be a joy to cover. The answer.. an "Install Script". This really simplified the process.

To better meet the "easier to use" goal, I've now taken Mpc installation to the next level for Wordpress users. I've wrapped the script into a Wordpress Plugin format. You can now log into your WP Dashboard and 'Add Plugin' to load the "mpc-installer-plugin". When you activate the plugin, the install script installs Mpc, removes the installer, and removes the plugin.

The install script is still at along with a link to the new wp-plugin-formatted installer page.