Update 557

Topic: Update 557

Posted update to Mpc (557).

The updates I've made in the last few months have all been geared toward making Mpc easier to explain in the GSV. Since the program has gotten easier to install and move around in, we have all benefitted.

This update includes the following:

1. Server timeout errors are now handled within Mpc. This should stop the program from locking up.

2. Added feature: Copy/Move files between Webroot and Project folder. Right-click Source list >> 'Copy files'.

3. Vpages cannot be built when Mpc is running in Demo mode. If you built Vpages while Commercially licensed and then cancelled your payments, the first 10 Vpages continued to display. Accessing Vpages beyond the first 10 was causing errors and stuck processes in servers. This update disables all Vpages in Demo as was my original intent.

4. The 'Grab New' function had too many modes of operation in a single dialog. It was confusing. So I reworked it into multiple dialogs.

Now that I'm focused on making the GSV, I may not be as quick to answer support issues as you're used to. Hopefully, this will only last a week or so.