Topic: Problem with Variables

First let me say the tool is fantastic although I am having a bit of a problem with variables and I suspect that I am doing something incorrectly
If you look at the first three images you will see that page has been created correctly with /keyword-city/index.html and looking at the page source the title has 'in city, state' correctly entered
Image mpc-error2 shows that the keywords were updated correctly and mpc-error3 shows that the image in an article has been correctly setup
The problem I am having is that the variables are not updating per the lists added
Image mpc-error4 shows that the URL has changed for the second keyword second city but the page source shows that the title has not changed to the second city
Image mpc-error5 shows that the page source for the keywords and it has not change to the second keyword
Similarly the image in the article mpc-error6 has not changed either showing the keyword and image for the first keyword
Can you suggest what I may be doing wrong ?
I have looked at the videos and checked my template but just cannot find the problem
Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated
Aah - how do I upload images ?


Re: Problem with Variables

Jensen, I am not seeing any of these images you refer to. Please contact me on Skype to discuss your Mpc issues. My id is 'larry@masspagecreator.com'.