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Topic: Shortcodes Build Out

I would like to have an option to see if a style MPC with short codes can be added

  • jQuery Accordion,
    Tabs and Toogle,
    Column Shortcodes,
    Gallery and Image Shortcodes,
    Button Styles,
    Alert Box Styles,
    Twitter buttons,
    Retweet button,
    Facebook Like,
    Follow me on Twitter buttons,
    Google +1

some builds need adjusting


Re: Shortcodes Build Out

Hi Anewbist,

I have the java script here for anyone who wants to add social signals, Google maps and a weather widget on their pages.

Just drop me a line in the forum and I'll gladly send it to you...  big_smile :-)


Re: Shortcodes Build Out

thank you very much i would love to have the java scripts


Re: Shortcodes Build Out

A long shot but if that code still works 2carlstarus I'd love to check it out


Re: Shortcodes Build Out

You can add most anything to your Mpc Source file(s).

Just do a Google search "JQuery Accordion". You'll find the Html, CSS and Javascript you can add to your Source file(s).