Error trying to log into Mpc

Topic: Error trying to log into Mpc

This morning I woke up to find we couldn't log into Mpc. This was caused by a update of system files within my Dedicated server.

I have no control over cPanel updates and it appears that some Developers for third party products don't fully test their updates.

Anyway, in order to regain access to your Mpc sites, you need to update them with the Mpc Installer.           

Please follow these steps:
1. If you don't have the Version 3 Installer, please create one at
2. Upload the Installer script to your site(s) Webroot folder.
3. Browse to the installer script.
4. Select Type 'UPGRADE existing'.
5. Enter your Mpc Folder name.
6. You can then UPGRADE to either 'Release' or 'Beta' version.

No matter which version you upgrade to, you will NOT lose settings or list box data. I suggest upgrading to Beta.