Topic: New Feature: Url Slash Endings

I've posted an update to Mpc (v605). A long requested feature has been added.

You can now build Projects that create Urls with "Slash Endings". The Urls will mimic Wordpress Url style.

My work on the Getting Started videos has been on hold. I wanted to add "Url Slash Endings" before making the "Build and Unbuild" video where I'll cover this feature.

In the meantime, here's a brief explanation of how to create these WP-like Urls.

There are 4 places in Mpc where you'll see a checkbox for "Slash Endings". Any of these checkboxes will turn the feature on or off.

To make this work in Html, pages need to be named "index.php", "index.htm", or "index.html". Mpc will hide these files and terminate Urls with a slash.

So you must tell Mpc to write pages as "index" pages, not as extensions.

The way Mpc writes pages is controlled by the setup of your Source list box. For example:
"sourcefile >> .php" writes an extension. Change this line to:
"sourcefile > index.php"

The single '>' writes a filename, not an extension to the end of your Urls.

When you use the "Add to project>>Sources" dialog, DON'T check 'File Extension' and make sure the 'Destination Filename' is one of the 3 "index" filenames I mentioned.

You'll also need to redo any Breadcrumbs. To make this easier, I added a "Replace Breadcrumb" function to the Editor's Widget menu. You won't need to preset the cursor. Mpc will find the Breadcrumb to replace.

The "Slash Endings" work in the following areas:

  • Breadcrumbs

  • Next-Prev links

  • Silo Index Tables

  • XML sitemaps

  • Build Report

  • Url Preview

  • Source Tools

  • All Build destinations (LIVE, VPAGE, TAR, CLOUD)

Rather than starting another 'Beta' program, I decided to make this a public 'Release' version. I've tested 'Slash Endings' in great detail. If any of you find an issue, please let me know immediately.

Log out and back in to update. As promised, I never charge for updates.