Topic: New Features: RE-Build and Related Links

I've updated Mpc to v607. Two major features have been added.

1. RE-Build
This feature allows you to build a Project with the SAME randomized Spintax as a previous Build. For example, if you wanted to build a 50 state Project, you can Build pages for a few States. Then later, RE-Build with another few States added to the Project. You can RE-Build over and over.

Each time you RE-build, the Spintax in previously built pages will unravel EXACTLY as they did before. This effectively gives you manual Drip Feed capability.
Later this year, I'll add Automated Drip Feed.

2. Related Links
This long awaited feature let's you add links to your pages that point to all the other pages in a Silo.

Here's the biggest news...

I made videos for both of these features. They've been posted in the Members Area at https://masspagecreator.com/members.

I'm making an effort to make videos for all new features as I add them to Mpc. I have a ton of videos to make. I don't want to get further behind.

As long promised, updates are always free. Log out and back in to update.

Note: Beta versions will also update to the new v607.