Improved interface speed in the Wordpress plugin

Topic: Improved interface speed in the Wordpress plugin

The Wordpress plugin slows down and become sluggish when a large number of PAGES exist in a Wordpress site. Also, publishing stalls before actually publishing anything.

This declining response has been resolved in version 4.3 of the Plugin.

Please note Wordpress itself gets bogged down whenever you attempt to Edit a Page. This is due to Wordpress filling the "Parent" drop-down select box with entries for each and every published PAGE.

This is out of my control. However, the refilling of the Parent select box in the Mpc Plugin is in my control. You can still have a full listing of pages in the Parent select box (if you need it) by clicking a link "Get Parent Pages". Of course, if there are a lot of published PAGES in your WP site, you'll have to wait for the select box to fill in.

Coming soon, a version of the Plugin that will allow you to publish THOUSANDS of articles without generating server errors for such a long running process.