New Feature: Yelp listings

Topic: New Feature: Yelp listings

Last month, I introduced Mpc Advanced. Along with many new features came Dynamic Shortcodes. This allowed Mpc to build HTML pages that could call functions each time the pages were browsed. Since the functions are influenced by your Vars, the functions work in context with each page.

You could call this "Plugins for HTML", but without the resource burden of a CMS system like Wordpress.

The first shortcode allowed HTML pages to display random YouTube videos. Now a Yelp shortcode has been added. Both functions use your Vars as inputs.

I found the YouTube HTML implementation was not giving any SEO value (Wordpress not affected). This has been corrected in this new version 508.

If you used the YouTube shortcut in an HTML project with Mpc 507 or earlier, you should rebuild your project to get the SEO value. Please read "Html Shortcodes Require PHP".