Finally! Servers built for Mpc

Topic: Finally! Servers built for Mpc

Have you ever wished you could run Mpc in a fast VPS or Dedicated server, but the cost was too high?

Wait no more. High performance, low cost machines are now available. And best of all, they are CUSTOM CONFIGURED for Mpc.

Now you can build the BIG sites you wanted in single runs.

For testing purposes, I added a few keywords to bump a 216k page project to over 1 million pages.

The VPS Level 1 handled the project build in 31 minutes. The Dedicated 4TB completed the project in 24 minutes.


While I was at it, I placed 4 Dynamic Includes in the source file before building. This gave me 4,323,900 Dynamic Include areas. I was able to make changes to all areas and to a
single area on a single page without re-building the project.

See the server choices at