Mpc update to version 523 released

Topic: Mpc update to version 523 released

Mpc update 523 has been released. I've made some cosmetic changes and added three major new features.

Cosmetic changes:
  * The cursor in Editor Source mode is now thicker and bright red. Also, the cursor no longer moves or disappears when you right-click.
  * The context menus (right-click) have been redesigned. They were ugly and not scalable.
  * Now that the context menus work better, I've moved some of the Editor's buttons from top of screen to the context menu where they logically belong.

1st New Feature:
Mpc has always ignored the "front end" (webroot) of your site. After all, 'Home' and 'About Us' pages don't need duplicating. Since there are now so many great Html site builders, it was time for Mpc to accept them. The 'Grab New' function now allows uploading and extracting site templates into your domains webroot. Even if the template builder zips the files into a container folder, Mpc will make sure the root files/folders will be properly extracted into the webroot.

2nd New Feature:
Now that Mpc allows importing into the webroot, it only seemed right to add editing capability. You'll see a new button 'Edit WebRoot' has shown up.

3rd New Feature:
There are three scenarios for placing a Template PAGE (Source file with js and css files) into your Mpc project:
  1. Build and export a template PAGE with an Html page builder. Then 'Grab New' into your mpc folder area.
  2. Build and export a template SITE with an Html site builder. 'Grab New' to place the SITE into your webroot. Then 'Grab New' a PAGE from your webroot into your mpc folder area.
  3. 'Grab New' a page from any Url on the Internet.

Scenarios #1, #2 and sometimes #3, will leave you with the task of modifying relative paths to allow pages to access js, css, and images from anywhere Mpc writes your gazillion pages.

I've added a function that rewrites the pathing for you. Open your new page in the Mpc Editor, switch to Source mode, right-click and Select 'Scan 404'. You'll need to click the proper button to tell Mpc which of the 3 methods got the page uploaded. This will tell Mpc where the support files are. When the scan completes and you see any items that need path correction, just click 'Fix paths'. This will also set 'NoSpin Entire page' so you won't have to do it yourself.

The "magic fixing code" has been 100% effective in my testing. However, I cannot anticipate weird syntax some Html builders may create. If you find a template builder creates a page that 'Fix path' doesn't fix, please let me know. I'll need the zip file that was exported, the name of the program that produced it, and which scenario applies. If feasible, I'll add coding to handle it.

As usual, the update will occur the next time you log into Mpc. And the update is free.

Videos for this update at: