New update: Breadcrumb widget!

Topic: New update: Breadcrumb widget!

Mpc update 528 has been posted. Mpc now has 3 new shiny things.

Shiny thing 1: Breadcrumb widget.
If you take advantage of Silos in your project, breadcrumbs are a great way to enhance your sites interlinking. As a side effect, creating breadcrumbs will encourage you to create the Silo index files that you SHOULD be making anyway.

In the Mpc Editor, the Widget button at the top has morphed into an entry in the right-click context menu. Select 'Widgets/Breadcrumbs' BOOM!

Be sure to keep an eye on the Live preview in the widget. It gives you an exact look at your design without having to suffer trial-and-error build cycles.

Shiny thing 2: Source file test for 'canonical' tags.
I guess this isn't so shiny, but if you like having your pages indexed, this is important. If a hard-coded 'canonical', 'og:url', or 'shortlink' tag is found in any of your Source template files, the Build process will stop and advise you instead of building pages that have no chance of indexing.

Shiny thing 3: A new entry in the Editor (source mode) menu. 'Special links/Current path' will place a special Var that allows you to keep canonical tags if you wish.

Steve Sohn is working on a tutorial video for Breadcrumbs. As soon as the video is posted, you'll be able to access it by clicking the 'i' button in the widgets titlebar.

As Steve finishes videos, I will be linking to them via 'i' info buttons throughout Mpc. To be notified when new videos become available, you should follow Mpc on Twitter at

As usual, logout and back in. Update is free.