New update: Silo Index Tables

Topic: New update: Silo Index Tables

A new version of Mpc (538) has been posted. Two features have been added.

1. Vpage project listings in the Build dialog are now editable.
Instead of depending on a project name to describe Vpage builds, you can place your own comments in the list.

2. A new Shortcode has been added that Mpc converts to Silo Index Tables.
These are tables filled in with hyperlinks to each silo's children. This feature works in all four possible Silo levels.

Open a Silo Index source file in the Mpc Editor, switch to Source mode, set the cursor where you want a table placed. Then click the 'Shortcode' button.

The dialog that opens has two distinct sections. If you simply want to add a table and don't care what it looks like (perhaps you'll be hiding it), enable the 'Table shortcode' section and click 'Install'.

If you plan on a visible table, you can enable the 'Style options' section and adjust the look of the table and the hyperlinks. A live preview will display your styling.

Clicking the 'Install' button can install either the table shortcode or the style info or both.

Instead of spending hours or days building these tables, you can now set them up in seconds. Even better, if you change items in your Path list boxes, the tables will continue to build correctly.

A help document is reachable by clicking the blue 'i' button in the dialog. Or you can view it at

As usual, I don't charge for updates. Log out and back in to trigger the auto-update.