New feature: New Auto Source option

Topic: New feature: New Auto Source option

Version 584, brings an additional way to use the Auto Source utility.

In v583, I added "Auto Source" to the Source list box context menu. To allow an alternate use, "Auto Source" now opens a sub menu with two choices:
  1. "Keyword Groups" (the original Auto Source dialog).
  2. "Single Group" (the new flavor of Auto Source).

If you build an Mpc Project with 1 Source file, you're spinning a single article for all your pages. Since Mpc allows multiple Source files, you can increase your page to page uniqueness by using many Source files with each containing a unique spun article. A cool way to do this is put numerous Source files into a [group] and Mpc will loop thru your group of sources as it builds pages.

Even though Mpc makes [group] creation simple, I'm so lazy I wanted it to be even easier. That's where "Single Group" Auto Source comes in.

Let's say you want your single source project to use 10 grouped source files. Here are the steps:
  1. Edit your single Source file to remove the article. Replace the article with a unique "Marker".
  2. Remove the line in the Source list box that refers to this Source file.
  3. Place 10 unique spun articles in a folder and zip the folder.
  4. Open the new "Auto Source>>Single Group" dialog.
  5. Use your Source filename (from step 1) as the 'Template Filename'.
  6. Enter your Marker string and click 'Upload Content' to read in your zipped article folder.
  7. Click 'Make Sources'.

In about 1 second.. BOOM!

Ten Source files will have been generated and saved in your Project folder. Also, 10 proper [group] lines will appear in your Source list box. Project is ready to be saved and re-built.

Again (for new users), log out and back in to update. As usual, updates are free for life.