Feature Comparison

Wordpress and Personal licenses discontinued




One-time payment (license never expires)
Updates free for life. We never charge for updates.
Progam runs in target servers.
Mass create Html pages (primary use)  
Mass create Wordpress articles (secondary use)
5 keyword Paths and 9 dynamic Vars
Performs Text Spinning (on standard spintax)
Load, Save, and Restore Projects
Grab template pages from external sites.  
Write pages to Url paths  
Create and Load reusable site templates  
Absolute Pathing tools (in the Mpc Editor)  
Builds XML Sitemaps based on each Project run  
Next/Prev interlinking with or without Silos
1-click copy Mpc, Credentials, and Projects to client sites    
Licensed for business use (run on client sites for profit)    
The following available in Advanced mode only. More info
Built-in access to the SpinRewriter API (requires paid product account)  
Built-in access to the ArticleBuilder API (requires paid product account)  
Breadcrumb widget  
Fix relative pathing with a single button click  
Creates Silo Index tables  
 New  Create City list by Radius and Population    
Build pages directly to Amazon S3 (requires PHP 5.5+)    
Build Virtual Pages (VPAGE)    
Dynamic Includes. Modify pages without rebuilding    
Embed random YouTube videos based on Mpc keywords    
Add-on module: Html Redirection (requires $97 one-time activation fee)    
Add-on module: Html Overlay (requires $97 one-time activation fee)    
Add-on module: Cloaked Include (free with activation of Redirect or Overlay)    
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